For Our Family… And Yours.

Dr. Woods is a family business born from our own passionate quest to produce the finest and most effective Health & Beauty products in the world. Our family is wonderfully diverse with different ages, skin types, hair textures and styling needs, so creating truly healthy, highly effective products that work for all of us was an inspiring challenge… and with diligence, creativity and lots of love, we created the most beneficial and environmentally sustainable products available.

Family Favorites


Don't just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say...

Testimonial 1

““Love them!! My cousin recommended your line and I haven’t looked back. Your products have really helped me.”

- Krissy Watson

Testimonial 2

“My favorite are the Organic soaps. Love peppermint… Just added Black soap facial to regimen.”

- Carol Reid

Testimonial 3

“Showers are easier than baths here in San Francisco, where we’re in a drought. Showers use less water. Your almond soap’s just as divine in the shower as in the bath!”

- Regina Ryerson

Testimonial 4

“I absolutely love the “Baby Mild” castile soap with added Shea Butter. The uses for this soap are endless…so many possibilities! But what I love to do is combine them with essential oils, for added healing, anti-microbial and balancing benefits.”

- Candice

Testimonial 5

“The Almond Castile liquid soap is my favorite. Our family uses it as hand soap, body wash, shampoo & to wash my little one’s cloth diapers. We also fill the empty bottles with water and freeze them for our coolers. Great product! I refuse to try any other brand.”

- Danita Jackson

Testimonial 6

“Dr Woods soap makes a great “base” soap for homemade cleaners. I could use liquid, but I prefer to grate the bars into shavings and dissolve it into warm water. Add baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils and you can use it to clean anything.”

- Katie Buck

Testimonial 7

“After years of fighting acne, adult acne and then (the worst) adult cystic acne, I finally walked away from drug store garbage in search of something better. Once I found Dr Woods, my search ended. My face looks great! My body acne and dry skin bumpies have also all but disappeared since I became a Dr Woods fanatic in January of 2014.”

- Joy Legan

Testimonial 8

“Just wanted to say that we have been using your lavender Castile soap with Shea butter for the past month, and it has helped my daughters bumps (molloscum contagiousum) to disappear!! So happy! She’s had them for months & months.”

- Rebecca Huber